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Selasa, 09 Oktober 2012

how to make TNT

I am not responsible for what you do with this info it is for educational purposes only
T.N.T., or Tri-Nitro-Toluene, is perhaps the second oldest known high
explosive. Dynamite, of course, was the first. It is certainly the best known
high explosive, since it has been popularized by early morning cartoons. It is
the standard for comparing other explosives to, since it is the most well
known. In industry, a T.N.T. is made by a three step nitration process that is
designed to conserve the nitric and sulfuric acids which are used to make the
product. A terrorist, however, would probably opt for the less economical one
step method. The one step process is performed by treating toluene with very
strong (fuming) sulfuric acid. Then, the sulfated toluene is treated with very
strong (fuming) nitric acid in an ice bath. Cold water is added the solution,
and it is filtered.

Probably the most important explosive compond in use today is TNT
(trinitrotoluene). This and other very similar types of high explosives ar
all used by the military, because of their fantastic power- about 2.25
millions pounds per square inch, and there great stability. TNT also has the
great advantage of being ableto be melted at 82 degrees F., so that it can be
poured into shells, mortars, or any other projectiles. Military TNT comes in
containers which resemble dryu cell batteries, and are usually ingnited by an
electrical charge, coupled with an electical blasting cap, although there are
other methods.

Preparation of TNT

1. Take two beakers. In the first prepare a solution of 76 percent sulfuric
acid, 23 percent nitric acid and 1 percent water. In the other beaker,
prepare another solution of 57 percent nitric acid and 43 percent sulfuric
acid (percentages are on a weig ht ratio rather than volume).

2. Ten grams of the first solutions are poured into an empty beaker and placed
in an ice bath.

3. Add ten grams of toluene, and stir for several minutes.
4. remove this beaker from the ice bath and gently heat until it reaches 50
degrees C. The solution is stirred constantly while being heated.

5. Fifty additional grams of the acid, from the first beaker, are added and
the temperature is held for the next ten minutes, and an oily liquid will
begin to form on the top of the acid.

6. After 10 or 12 minutes, the acid solution is returned to the ice bath, and
cooled to 45 degrees C. when reaching this temperature, the oily liquid will
sink and collect at the bottom of the beaker. At this point, the remaining
acid solution should be drawn off, by using a syringe.

7. Fifty more grams of the first acid solution are added to the oily liquid
while the temperature is SLOWLY being raised to 83 degrees C. After this
temperature is reached, it is maintaind for a full half hour.

8. At the end of this period, he solution is allowed to cool to 60 degrees
C>, and is held at this temperature for another full half hour. After this,
the acid is again drawn off, leaving once more only the oily liquid at the

9. Thirty grams of sulfuric acid are added, while the oily liquid is gently
heated to 80 degrees C. All temperature increases must be accoumplished
slowly and gently.

10.Once the desired temperature is reached, 30 grams of the second acid solution are added, and the temperature is raised from 80 dgregrees C> to 104 degrees C., and is held for three hours.

11.After this three hour period, the mixture is lowered to 100 degrees C. and held there for a half hour.

12.After this half hour, the oil is removed form the acid and washed with boiling water.

13.After the washing with boiling water, while being stired constantly, the TNT will begin to solidify.

14.When the solidification has started, cold water is added to the beaker, so that the TNT will form into pellets. Once this is done, you have a good quality TNT. NOTE: the temperatures used in the preparation of TNT are EXACT, and must be used as such. DO NOT estimate or use aproximations. Buy a good centigrade thermometer. I take NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damage to persons or property for this formula. It is supplied for STUDY PURPOSES ONLY.
From the terrorist encyclopedia.

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